These terms and conditions relate to the Botanica Editions properties known as The Willow House, Chalet road, Badger Creek and Habitat House, Chalet road, Badger Creek.

Accommodation terms

Botanica Editions accommodation terms and conditions for holiday letting, as agreed by both parties, are as follows.  Failure to abide by these Terms and Conditions permits the Owners to refuse the key, amend the rental or apply additional charges, and/or terminate the occupancy.

Payment and booking conditions

Full Payment is required on Booking if your stay is within one (1) month of booking.

Payment of one (1) night deposit is required on Booking if tenants scheduled stay is greater than one (1) month from the booking date.  The full balance of the Booking payment is required one (1) month prior to the tenants scheduled stay.

We accept VISA and MASTERCARD only. We do not accept any other cards.

In the absence of full payment by the due date, it is accepted that booking has been cancelled and the property will be remarketed.


Cancellations with more than 14 days notice from the booking will receive a full refund less a $50 administration fee, plus any commission paid.

Cancellations with less than 14 days will receive a refund only if we can re-let the property at that time, less the $50 (plus commissions) administration fee.  If a re-let cannot be obtained, the booking and fees are non-refundable.

All cancellations must be in writing.

If the guest fails to arrive on the due date without prior notification 100% of the tariff will be charged.

Acceptance of bookings and cancellation and terminations are at the absolute discretion of the owners.

Botancia Editions has a No Smoking Policy  

In light of our Wellness philosophy, we prohibit smoking on the premises.  The occupants will incur increased cleaning charges if anyone has been smoking inside our facilities.  The cleaning charge is at the absolute discretion of the owners based on cleaning required.


The premises are let for holiday purposes only and the rent includes accommodation for the number of persons and their composition as negotiated. 

Sorry NO PETS allowed.  If pets are found to have been invited into the property guests may be asked to checkout and an additional cleaning fee may be charged.

Any changes must be approved prior to occupancy.

A MAXIMUM of 4 (four) guests are permitted to stay in the house at any one time.  Guests are considered infants, children and adults.

Guests are not permitted to sleep on the lounge.

Check in time is: 3.00 PM 

Check out time is: 11:00 AM

Vehicle Parking

A maximum of 2 cars can park in the driveway of each house.  Parking is not permitted on the front lawn of either house.

Fire Danger

We reserve the right, at our own judgment, to cancel a booking and make a refund, in the event of high fire danger or extreme weather conditions.

Functions, Parties, or Gatherings

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, gatherings, parties, functions of any sort are not permitted on the premises and may attract a $3,000 fee.


A Tenant or any invitees of a Tenant, by entering the premises have agreed to be bound by these conditions.

Tenant invitees are limited to a maximum of 2 (two) people.  Unless agreed in writing prior to your stay, the maximum number of people (guests and tenant invitees) in the house at one time must not exceed 4 (four).  Tenant invitees are not permitted to stay overnight and consideration must be given to our neighbours - note the noise and parking conditions in these terms.

Wedding prepartions and celebrations

Additional terms and conditions apply when booking the house for wedding preparations and celebrations.  The Additional Celebration Terms and Conditions will be provided upon notifying Botanica Editions of the intended use and are to be agreed in writing before the booking is confirmed. 

Failure to notify Botanica Editions of intended Wedding Preparations and Celebrations will result in the tenancy viewed as a Function, Party or Gathering where the associated condition will apply.

Booking both houses

Additional terms and conditions apply when groups, individuals, families or others book both houses.  The Additional Celebration Terms and Conditions will be provided upon notifying Botanica Editions of the intended use and are to be agreed in writing before the booking is confirmed. 

Failure to notify Botanica Editions of the group booking and the potential to exceed the maximum occupancy will result in the tenancy viewed as a Function, Party or Gathering where the associated condition will apply.

Subject to Change

Bookings are accepted in good faith and may be subject to change.  We cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control.  That is, if the property is sold or withdrawn from the rental market; the property is altered in any way; or the owners want the property for their own use; or any other bona fide reason. Rents are subject to change without notice. In this unlikely event, the booking holder will be offered the right of first refusal of the new arrangements or full refund.


The Tenant has satisfied themselves as to the suitability of the premises prior to confirming their booking. All written and verbal descriptions are given in good faith. No responsibility is accepted for errors or omissions contained on the web site and ensuing correspondence. While all courtesy will be given to genuine dissatisfaction, no responsibility or liability is accepted. No refund is given if you are unsatisfied with your accommodation.


No responsibility is taken for personal items left on the premises during or after departure.
We do not accept liability for any injury, damage or loss and additional expenses caused directly or indirectly by events which are beyond our control.
 We do not accept liability for errors, omissions, default or negligence represented on our Website.

General Damage & Breakages - Security Bond

Credit Card details are held by Botanica Editions for security purposes.

During tenancys when both houses have been booked by one group, wedding preparations, bookings with children or at the owners discretion, a security bond of Seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00) may be requested.

The security bond is payable by credit card pre-authorisation facilities two days prior to your stay and returned up to seven days after departure once the housekeeping team have inspected the property and agreed it has been returned to the condition provided prior to check-in.

In the event of any breach of any conditions herein, damage, breakages or additional cleaning charges, whether willful or not, the Tennant's Credit Card will be charged at the sole and absolute discretion of the Owners, and the Tenant hereby authorizes the Owners to do so. 

We expect the house to be returned to us in the condition presented on arrival.  Additional charges will be imposed if the house is left in an unreasonable condition.

The Tenant will take all reasonable care and promptly report any malfunctions, damages, breakage or losses to facilitate a cost effective and prompt repair or replacement.  The Tenant must inform our office immediately if any faults, breakages or maintenance issues are noted on arrival.

Loss, Damage, or Theft.

The Owners accepts no liability for any injury, debt, damage, loss, delay, expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by the Owners, or the Owners servants or agents. No responsibility is taken for any Tenants or Invitees personal property.  The Tenant is strongly recommended to obtain their own insurance.


In order to maintain the high standards of the property, the Owners schedule regular maintenance.  The Owners will attempt to schedule maintenance out side of your stay at the property, however sometimes this will be unavoidable.  The Owners will attempt to inform you of any property maintenance activity scheduled during your tenancy.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, occupancy may begin from 3pm of your arrival date and occupancy must conclude prior to 11am on your departure date.

Please confirm your arrival time so that a representative can prepare the residence. 

No refund will be given for early or unscheduled departure.


The good rapport between the owners and the neighbours, and the good natured, friendly courtesy they offer the residence's Tenants is highly regarded and appreciated.  Tenants and their Invitees are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes the safety, comfort and convenience of all persons in the residence and surrounding residences.  Any conduct contrary to this will allow the owners to terminate the occupancy immediately.  We appreciate guests respecting no noise after 11.00pm .


The Tennant is required to take proper and reasonable care of the residence and its contents and leave them in the same clean and tidy condition at the end of their stay. The residence must be kept clean and tidy at all times. While the residence will be cleaned once vacated, this cleaning service does not include, washing, drying, storing of dishes and pans, cleaning of spills on stoves, benches, refrigerators, furniture, carpet flooring, furnishings etc, repositioning of furniture, rubbish removal etc. The tenant is responsible for any additional cleaning charges incurred to reinstate the premises.


In the event of lost keys the tenant will be responsible for locksmith fees.


Nothing in this agreement shall compromise the Owners' right to issue legal proceedings in Victoria or elsewhere at their discretion seeking damages and/or punitive relief for any express or implied breaches of this agreement and/or any claim that may arise by reason of negligence and/or willful damage of the guests and/or invitees whatsoever.  This agreement shall constitute the whole agreement between the parties and any express and/or implied warranties imposed upon the owners or their servants and agents by legislation or law to the extent that it is possible are expressly excluded.

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