The Masters

With thanks to the Masters who have helped create Your Botanical Retreat at Botanica Editions ~ The Willow House & Habitat House.

Ayus Botanical ~ For a sensitive and considered garden design, sympathetic to the natural environment that restored this land to a place of beauty.  Your ethos of designing gardens to spark curiosity, exploration and stimulate the senses on levels beyond the visual, ensured our Botanica Editions guests enjoyed a full sensory experience of rejuvenation and inspiration.

Bidyadanga Art Community ~ A beautiful, inclusive group of women with a great sense of humour who have a lot of fun sharing ancient stories through art. These caring souls invited us into their family to help create the perfect pieces that join the songlines between our home in the Yarra Valley and our second home in Broome. 

We love these emerging Indigenous artists from the Bidyadanga Community, 200km south of Broome, and one of our favourite pieces Seed hangs proudly in the entrance of The Willow House, welcoming guests to their home in the country.  Seed represents rejuvenation and new beginnings.    

Also from Broome is a collection of Leonie Broadhurst's, Broome Starry Night trio.  Cleverly, each piece is created from the gold paper of old cigarette packaging.

Katrin Oliver ~ brings The Willow House to life through the Story of telling and Botanica Dreaming. Thank you for helping us share some of the subtleties of this home, enriching a sense of place for all who visit.

Marcs International ~ Contemporary Japanese design, Tre table and Companion from Duende. These beautiful, minimalist designs complement their antique forbearers in the 1940’s Japanese shoe cabinets. Habitat House continues to optimise the Duende contemporary design in bedroom hanging and wall racks for minimalist storage purposes.

Mercurius Textiles ~ thank you Jules Taylor for trusting us with your artisanal treasures before they were officially released to the world.

Your exquisite patterns of beautifully designed cushions and framed fragments inspired by the great Age of Discovery perfectly supports our guest experience of self-discovery.   We feel privileged to share these one-off works of art.

Merrin Hamilton ~ Commissioned specifically for The Willow House ~ Willow Alchemy, Merrin Hamilton, local Dandenong Ranges creator of Fine Art immersed herself into the Spirit of this land to capture the messages from the Willow Trees.

Morris Brown ~ Jen and Louise of Morris Brown Homeware and Gardenesque have been saviours when it comes to the homely touches in slipper baskets, kitchen garden frames, farm gate, dining linen and objet. Little gems carefully placed within The Willow and Habitat House.

Re-purpose ~ with Ayus Botanical's passion is to minimise waste, dis-used booth tabletops from local winery Giant Steps; iconic Australian Hills Hoist; vintage espresso coffee sets each found new life as art throughout the homes.

The Journeyman ~ Andy Currie, a true artisan, woodworker and blacksmith. Thank you for crafting bespoke art out of our commissioned bathroom ‘barn door’.

Upholstery ~ Bruce Palmer (our father) for a time, the local Yarra Valley Upholsterer, left us with an abundance of classic, but in need of much love, Vintage and Period furniture. Thank you, Keith Ferguson and Glendavin for showing the courage to step into Bruce’s very large shoes, weaving your magic with Willow and Lichen, velvet and linen, webbing and woodwork.

Visual Storytellers ~ with thanks for the photographic mastery of Martina Gemmola, Emma Kate Codrington, Madeline Gill and Jessica Tucker, each sharing the visual story of Your Botanical Retreat, The Willow House and Habitat House with your individual creative talents throughout this website.

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