G a r d e n i n g   T h r o u g h   T h e  V i r u s  T o g e t h e r @ Botanica Editions TV

Don’t worry Foxtel Lifestyle Channel or Netflix, clearly we are not going to take over your world with a rival television show.

We are professional Landscape Designers and passionate gardeners sharing a little garden medicine with the guests we love.

Here we are, Botanica Editions improvising in the world of Covid-19 as we garden through the virus together, totally RAW (one-take, dodgy sound, i-phone video) amateurs when it comes to Visual Storytelling.

Autumn in the garden is the season for …..

 EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 4


…. pruning, feeding, mulching and shaping the garden in line with the initial vision of the Landscape Designer.

Autumn 2020 is the year we could bring the Botanica Editions gardens in to shape once again with a little lockdown silver lining.

With travel restrictions sending us into a short hibernation, it doesn't matter how hard we cut, what pretty foliage, flowers and fruit we sacrifice and, ….. how much ‘organic smelly stuff’ we sprinkle around the gardens, The Willow House and Habitat House will be spectacular again when guests return for their rejuvenating botanical retreat.

This little series of RAW BE.TV is for all our guests who are also passionate home gardeners keen to learn a few Autumn garden maintenance tips from one of the masters in the Garden Design Industry.

We would love to hear [via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] what you are doing with your own home garden this autumn 2020.


RAW BE.TV ~ Autumn 2020

Episode One ~  hibernation 

Autumn, ‘tucking the garden into bed for winter.’ Lockdown gardening.

[watch episode one]


Episode Two ~ pruning through the virus! 

Pruning the Oakleaf Hydrangea [Hydrangea quercifolia] at Habitat House early this year. It’s going to be spectacular with rich spring foliage and abundant summer flowers (November / December 2020).

[watch episode two]


Episode Three ~ vegans be forewarned 

...... you may not like the next episode.

Sorry! We are still …. Gardening through the virus together

[watch episode three]


EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 68 EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 71  EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 76 


Episode Four ~ ‘talcum powder’ feeding 

Feeding the garden and ‘tucking it into bed’ with repurposed Pinoak leaves budding into new life as fine mulch

Gardening through the virus together.

[watch episode four]


Episode Five ~ sharpest tool in the shed 

Love the smell of WD40 ... Gardening through the virus together.

[watch episode five]


Episode Six ~ Laurus Nobilis 

Bay hedge, curating and shaping... Gardening through the virus together.

[watch episode six]


EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 23 EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 36  EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 67 

Episode Seven ~ Azalea Magnifica 

Late summer spurt of growth... Gardening through the virus together.

[watch episode seven]


Episode Eight ~ Fibonacci clippings

Buxus sempervirens Spheres, paying homage to a great 16th-century mathematician ... Gardening through the virus together.

[watch episode eight]


Episode Nine ~ Green Bollards 

Hardy through summer and cross country adventure drivers ... Gardening through the virus together.

[watch episode nine]

EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 96 EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 99  EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 100 

Episode Ten ~ Hills Hoist re-Purpose 

Late summer spurt of growth... Gardening through the virus together.

[watch episode ten]


Episode Eleven ~ Harvesting Limes Part 1

The secret to harvesting limes ... Gardening through the virus together.

[watch episode eleven]


Episode Twelve ~ Harvesting Limes Part 2

Torturing [Pleaching] Lime trees ... Gardening through the virus together.

[watch episode twelve]



EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 92 

images: Thank you EmmaKateCo for sharing your beautiful autumn imagery during your botanical retreat at Habitat House 2019

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