Guests celebrating a special birthday at The Willow House in July enjoyed sharing Botanica Editions, Fairy Possums - Mindful in May donation with  Healesville Sanctuary, Zoos Victoria Threatened Species Program.


* 'Meditating' Fairy (Leadbeater's) Possum.
Image: David Caird, News Limited

Jayne, Kathy, Eilza and Georgia (Botanica Editions guests) were able to meet Paula, the dedicated Leadbeater's Possum Threatened Species keeper at Healesville Sanctuary.  

Guests Fairy Possums.   

Thank you Paula and the entire Threatened Species team for helping these cute little Fairy Possums and keeping our Victorian state emblem alive through your captive breeding program. 

Fairy Possum - Jane  Paula

* Botanica Editions, Fairy Possums - Mindful in May
Donation to Zoos Victoria Threatened Specied Progam for the Leadbeater's Possum

Our visit coincided with the Leadbeater’s Possum prime breeding season, therefore we were unable to meet them up-close during this completely hands off period.  We were treated to a unique private meeting with Paula whose job is to save these beautiful little possums from extinction while viewing these cute little possums in the Nocturnal House exhibit.

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Threatened Species

Anyone planning a visit to Healesville Sanctuary while you stay with us at Botanica Editions, should include a trip to the Nocturnal House exhibit. 

If you are patient, you will see these beautiful little fairies venture out of their nests to zoom around their enclosures showing off their agility, accuracy and speed.

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