A beautiful friend of ours, Sally, created and successfully ran high street fine food establishments in London for many years.  

She has shared her (not so) secret London lemon-preserving recipe with Botanica Editions guests, making use of our abundant bi-annual crop of Citrus limon 'Lisbon'.

Sally Preserve lemon 4

* Citrus limon 'Lisbon'.  Two handsome crops per year. 



Sally's Preserved Lemons

The Botanica Editions Seasonal Kitchen Garden is always generous with her bounty.  In particular, the Citrus limon 'Lisbon' who  provides two handsom crops per year. 

To express our gratitude towards nature's generosity, we love to preserving these richly flavoured fruits so we can keep enjoying them in all styles of feasts throughout the year.

Traditionally whole lemons are preserved, but this recipe created by our friend Sally, uses wedges which can be packed in to jars more easily.  Allowing us to access the rinds for the essential flavour of lemons throughout our 'between harvest' creations.

The following recipe is a guide.  

We love to create and cook intuitively by 'feeling' what is needed.  You may like to experiment by adding to the preserve a cinnamon quill, black pepper balls, star anise or fresh bay leaf, Laurus nobilis from the Botanica Editions seasonal kitchen garden.  Perhaps you like the adventure and you will create-your-own preserve.  We would love to hear what you come up with!


Makes approx 2 jars



10 unwaxed, organic lemons from the Botanica Editions Seasonal Kitchen Garden

around 200mil / 7fl oz / scant 1 cup lemon juice

Boiling water

Sea salt

Note: Best to use true sea salt vs processed table salt - this is why we had to call in Sally.  Our first batch with table salt ended in tears.


Cooks Tips

The salty, well-flavoured juice that is used to preserve the lemons can be used to flavour salad dressings or added to hot sauces.

  1. Wash the lemons well and cut each in to six to eight wedges.  Press a generous amount of salt on to the cut surface of each wedge.
  2. Pack the salted lemon wedges in to two 1.2 litre / 2 pint / 5 cup warmed sterilized jars.  To each jar add 30 - 45 ml / 2 -3 tbsp sea salt and half the lemon juice, then top up with boiling water to cover the lemon wedges.  Seal the jars and leave to stand for 2 - 4 wees before using.
  3. To use, rince the preserved lemons well to remove some of the salty flavour, then pull off and discard the flesh.  Cut the lemon rind into strips or leave in chunks and use as desired.





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