The grounds of The Willow & Habitat House have been designed as a garden of discovery. 

An engaging landscape of intrigue that invites a sensory experience to complement the seasons.

Spring rains recharge the seasonal Piccaninny creek, recruiting an orchestra of local frogs to complement the call of the resident Kookaburra.   Summertime, welcomes the diversity of a dry riverbed, and winter calls in the low light as the garden relinquishes her foliage.

The gentle fragrance of Honeysuckle, Souvenir de la Malmaison roses and Port Wine Magnolia  are just a few that delight and stir our senses to life.  Year round the seasonal kitchen garden and fruiting orchard offer an abundant harvest to nourish and tempt the taste buds, accompanying any meal guests choose to prepare at either The Willow House or Habitat House.

While the gentle flow of the bamboo garden or rocking calmly on the expansive outdoor deck offer suitable spaces for contemplation and restoration, it is the Willow Tree that holds centre stage within the private garden of The Willow House.  This tree shares a strength as she stands tall, yet still providing a delicate flow and sense of romance that takes us back to the magic of childhood.

The Habitat House garden design has been deliberately crafted as a parkland garden nestled with the backdrop of Australia’s natural flora found throughout Mt Riddell.

It is a walking garden, abundant with birdlife and wetlands.  This garden offers the occasional place to rest and reconnect with the subtleties found in nature, so often missed during our busy lives.

Homage is paid to the great 12th century mathematician Fibonacci, who introduced the sequence connecting mathematics and the spirals found in nature.  A series of boardwalks work with the natural fall of the land and waterways, and the philosophy of ‘re-purposing where possible’ continues in the Hills Hoist Wisteria arbor and the children's cubby house converted to a flower conservatory.  This is a thoughtful garden of discovery.

The gardens of both Houses are gardens of botany, apothecary and alchemy.  Gardens deliberately designed to help us reconnect with the true beauty of nature.


Garden concept plan


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