COVID-19 Precautions with Botanica Editions

We are delighted to share Botanica Editions again with our guests.

To keep up to date with the COVID-19 Precautions at Botanica Editions, you may like to read the following information.

We are lucky Botanica Editions has many features that naturally make life a lot safer for mini-breaks and rejuvenating getaways ....



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The Willow House and Habitat House @ Botanica Editions naturally lend themselves to the ideal mini-break and rejuvenating getaway in the current environment with a suite of COVID-19 precautions. These include:

  • We are small – with 2 separate homes each with a maximum of 4 guests.
  • We are owner-operated and therefore have tight control over all aspects of the business including cleaning and hygiene practices.
  • Our houses are fully self-contained allowing you to self-cater.  We also offer an introduction to some of the finest Yarra Valley Chef’s who will help you experience exclusive fine-dining @ home (Botanica Editions) delivery options.
  • Each house is private with expansive landscaped gardens and an abundance of fresh air and natural outdoor rejuvenation where you don't need to meet other guests.
  • Self-check-in/out so you do not need to have any physical contact with us as the owners – we are however close by if you have questions.
  • We continue to engage our premium off-site professional laundry service for all your in-house luxury linen provided at The Willow House and Habitat House. 

In addition to the above, we have implemented the following steps to further ensure guest safety and peace of mind:

  • Insist guests adhere to all official social distancing rules and guidelines.
  • Introduced additional rigour to our already comprehensive cleaning practices with particular focus on extensive cleaning and sanitising high-touch areas such a door handles, taps, light switches, remote controls, etc.  Our staff have been trained in the Australian Government, Department of Health Infection Control Training for COVID-19.
  • Where possible, adopt a 1-day gap between bookings in each house, allowing maximum time for additional cleaning/sanitising.
  • Insist guests who are unwell or have been in contact with those diagnosed with COVID-19 postpone their stay.
  • Ensure all government contact detail requirements adhere to privacy rules and request guests do not invite any additional day visitors to the property at this time.
  • Introduced a flexible rescheduling or cancellation policy for bookings where official restrictions prevent travel.  We do not process your payment prior to checking with you the day before your scheduled arrival.


Please Note:

We will continue to follow the Australian and State Government COVID-Safe requirements as operators of Luxury Boutique Accommodation.

The Victoria State Government has moved to a COVIDSafe Summer plan.

(6th December 2020)

We ask each guest to become familiar with the requirements of this Victorian Government plan.

Additionally, from January 2021 we have updated our pre-arrival communication and ask each guest to check with the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) website and follow any DHHS instructions relating to Case Locations and Outbreaks.  

We ask guests to reschedule their stay at The Willow House or Habitat House if they have visited any of the locations within the time and date listed by DHHS on the Case Locations and Outbreaks page.

(please follow this link for more information)


Botanica Editions is ideal for couples looking for a rejuvenating experience within our botanical retreat

and families of up to four people

We are unable to take group bookings across both The Willow House and Habitat House.

We have placed a temporary hold on Day Visitors

while the Victorian State Government restrictions are in place and contract tracing is required.


Guest Experience

Botanica Editions has been deliberately designed to share with people we care for and we have therefore worked hard with our cleaning and housekeeping staff to ensure The Willow House and Habitat House continue to feel like your exclusive and private country home in the Yarra Valley during this 'Covid Normal' period.   

You will notice a couple of small changes in each house, where a few items have been removed along with extra cleaning and sanitising products supplied for convenience during your stay.  One of these additions is the locally made Four Pillars Heads, Tails & Clean Hands sanitiser for your use in The Willow & Habitat House.

Remember, sanitise your hands with this aromatic sanitiser! Don’t drink it!

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image: Emma Kate Co. in The Willow House

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