To say 2020 has been a ‘crappy year’ is an understatement!  

Particularly for all our dear friends and guests who experienced the 10 + 18 weeks Melbourne/Victorian lockdown and were 'locked out' of Botanica Editions for some of the most spectacular Autumn / Winter / and Spring garden life.

But here we are back again, after an abundance of sensational Spring rain, with stunningly vibrant High Summer gardens and ready to share some of our deeply guarded local secrets for your summer visit to @BotanicaEditions .....

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Many years ago they began their journey with the idea of making a ‘kick-ass’ tonic, but then thought 'why the not go all the way and create a great modern Australian gin?

Then, in March 2020 they were inundated with desperate pleas from doctors, surgeons, anaesthetists and the general public to produce hand sanitizer.

When we were unable to find sanitiser anywhere for our guests @botanicaeditions@fourpillarsgin came to the party .......

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G a r d e n i n g   T h r o u g h   T h e  V i r u s  T o g e t h e r @ Botanica Editions TV

Don’t worry Foxtel Lifestyle Channel or Netflix, clearly we are not going to take over your world with a rival television show.

We are professional Landscape Designers and passionate gardeners sharing a little garden medicine with the guests we love.

Here we are, Botanica Editions improvising in the world of Covid-19 as we garden through the virus together, totally RAW (one-take, dodgy sound, i-phone video) amateurs when it comes to Visual Storytelling.

Autumn in the garden is the season for …..

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This one is personal.

This House, this garden.  Botanica Editions, a labour of love within our childhood community, the Yarra Valley.

Thank you to the dynamic storytelling duo Elizabeth Wilson (House & Garden, Australia) and Martina Gemmola (Gemmola Photography) for taking our day-to-day and making it extraordinary.

To read the full editorial in as seen in House & Garden Magazine, June 2020.


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We have a “not so secret” love affair with most things Italian, and it is easy to see why.

With so many Italian influences around the Yarra Valley, our love for Italy is reinforced every day.  When you visit our home here in the valley, you could easily be mistaken in thinking you have been transported across the ocean to beautiful Italy, rather than a short one-hour drive from Melbourne.

If you, like us, enjoy the Italian lifestyle of relaxed, positive living, a deep connection to nature along with seasonally inspired food, easy drinking wine and passionate conversations with family and friends, we thought you might like Eight of our Yarra Valley – Italian favourites.

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