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Grounded in a sense of place with the backdrop of Mt Riddell and Mt Toolebewong, Botanica Editions The Willow & Habitat House offered a retreat from the busyness of life.  A time to unplug, immerse within the beauty of nature.  A time to breathe.

These simple Yarra Valley homes were lovingly restored by Karen Dickson and Greg Palmer of Ayus Botanical to blend with nature.  They reveal themselves as a space for peace and relaxation, places of great happiness and celebration.  Individually and collectively they were designed to share carefully considered garden spaces inviting a sensory experience, a place for contemplation and reflection, and the opportunity to nurture your body as you harvest fresh seasonal produce from the seasonal kitchen garden.

Furnishings offer an eclectic mix of contemporary comfort, reclaimed and restored pieces through luxurious textiles and artwork that connect indigenous songlines from Piccaninny Creek winding through the property, to communities of northwest Kimberley.

Small details and considered treasures collected from various parts of the world have been placed throughout each house, communicating each guest is welcomed in the same way family and friends would be when arriving home.

The Willow House & Habitat House by Botanica Editions offered a fresh short stay alternative to city life without compromising on luxury and comfort.  An ideal place for restoration, reclaiming balance or sharing an intimate celebration.


A home away from home.  A botanical retreat nestled within the heart of the Yarra Valley.

Each house sits within its own, yet adjoining, landscaped parkland and medicinal-culinary garden, offering a personal connection to the flora of the natural valleys and temperate rainforest that surround these beautiful homes.

Stylish two-bedroom homes that combine clean interior design, with a stylish array of re-purposed furniture and decorations complemented by luxury textiles and the modern amenities required for contemporary life.


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