Sharing Botanica Editions ~ The Willow House and Habitat House with you.

We never really own land, we simply serve as custodians and guardians for a while.  Always with the heartfelt intention to leave a better place than when we first arrive.

The spirit of this land sang to us.   Two years of renewal and restoration after countless years of dreaming Your Botanical Retreat into being, giving this little parcel of land new life, within a fertile fern gully in the heart of the Yarra Valley, and sharing it with you for Seven Years~Seven Seasons has been one of life's great joys. 

Seven Years ~ Seven Seasons Note 1 

Our First Edition

Botanica Editions ~ The Willow House and Habitat House [counting the moments]


BotanicaEditions May2020 181





Sunrises with you [2,555]

                  Sunset with this sacred place [3,319]  we restored this land for 2years before inviting you to share this healing place

Fairy-tale Wedding Gowns [360]

Sneak-Peek // Pre-wedding garden shoots [180]

Champagne corks popped, guessing [492…. ‘ish] 


Overnight Big feet [6,762]

Overnight Little feet [3,380]

Letters to fairies in the garden [327]

Fingers & Toes [we forgot to count]

         Fury Feet [4]  and then the day-visiting fur-children who joined their 'parents' for wedding photography

International Feet [2,876]

2020 Lockdown Days [198]


BotanicaEditions May2020 163


BotanicaEditions May2020 74

Spring Blooms [gazillions]

Garden Heart smiles [endless]

Lama Blessings [2]

Autumnal Willow Tree kisses [to infinity and back …… however we will not miss raking the leaves before every guest checkin]

Hold your breath visits from Jack Frost [144]

Roma tomato harvests [210]



Rosmarinus officinalis gifts from our garden to yours [1472]

Crassula ovata Wedding gifts [492]

Botanica Editions Tote Bags wandering the world [525]

Glasses of Yarra Valley Pinot [5,584]

Joyful moments [always]

BotanicaEditions May2020 163 


BotanicaEditions May2020 74

Fashion Photo-shoots [5]

House & Garden Design Photo-shoots [21]

Wedding Photographer Clicks [how on earth would you manage to count these]

Holiday Snaps [you tell us]

Photos captured by the soul [5,071]

Instagram Unplug weekends [946]

B.E.T.V. Episodes [18]



Kitchen Garden Plantings [56]

Personalised Welcome notes [1288]

Mindful – raking gravel path – Meditations [1127]

Cushion plumps [15,778]

Sheer Curtain puddles just right [29,302]

Flower arrangements [2,973]

BotanicaEditions May2020 20


BotanicaEditions May2020 74

Pobble-bonk Frog croaks [endless]

Bower Bird Courtships [ who knows ….. he appeared to ‘entertain’ quite a lot]

Kookaburra wakeup calls [3,319]

Superb fairywren [he's so fast]

Moving sticks [0 !!!! ….. although Greg may have seen one or two reptilian friends sunbaking on the deck]



Fibonacci Garden clipping days [14]

Peachtree pruning ~ orchard pruning [7]

Hours shaping a garden for Your Botanical Retreat [34,326]

New plants to the extended landscaped gardens [7,322]

Arborist visits [5]

Crystals in the house and garden [923]

Pillowcases sprinkled with Dreamtime love [10,304]

Bathroom Mirror polishes [2,972]

Pairs of House slipper [3,381]

BotanicaEditions May2020 20


BotanicaEditions May2020 74

Your Personal Chef in-house banquets [32]

Writing Retreats [21]

Private Wellbeing Immersion Retreats with Karen [36]

Yoga Sun Salutations [2,428]

Garden Meditations [923]

Travel as Therapy [10,142]


Anniversary moments + Vow renewals [ 223 + 3]

Birthday celebrations [ 464 we were part of, that is]

Elopements [5 ….. oh my, how hard was it to keep these a secret]

YES to Wedding Proposals [15 we have helped orchestrate….. thank you for trusting us so much with this special, special moment

Fireside cuddle nights [840]

BotanicaEditions May2020 20


EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 62

Love Notes from you to us [1,123]

Love from us to you [ never ending]




Creative / Inspirational moments preparing the Next Edition for you ....

from the moment we wake up to the time our head peacefully rests on the pillow …..

We are continually dreaming Your Botanical Retreat  into being.

Thank you for being part of our First Edition.    Botanica Editions ~ The Willow House and Habitat House.


EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 62 EKCo BotanicaEditions May2019 62 

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Photographic images: Martina Gemmola, Emma Kate Co. , Rick Liston , Jessica Elise Design + Me


Note 1

Seven Years - Seven Seasons

Eastern Kulin Seasonal Calendar

The lands of the Eastern Kulin people include the [Yarra Valley and] Dandenong Ranges, near Melbourne, which they refer to as the 'cold country'. The Kulin have a detailed local understanding of the seasons and the environment. Each season is marked by the movement of the stars in the night sky and changes in the weather, coinciding with the life cycles of plants and animals.

Overlaid on the seven seasons are two other non-annual seasons - Flood season which is likely to occur on average about every 28 years, and Fire season which occurs on average about every seven years.

Source: Museum Victoria Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre



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