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It has always been clear ~ we never really own land, we simply serve as custodians and guardians for a while.

As we move into crafting and creating our Next Edition in new shapes and forms, we remain as passionate today about sharing the beauty and nurturing qualities of the Yarra Valley as we did when we created our First Edition ~ The Willow House and Habitat House ~ The Willow House and Habitat House ~ nestled snugly within the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. 

Our families have lived in the Yarra Valley for 5 generations, therefore local knowledge runs deep.

Combine this with close to a decade of treasured guest stories, joy and laughter, celebration and friendship, nurturing and healing, we sit blissfully in the privileged position to help you design a rich and deeply immersive Yarra Valley experience.

To make space for our Next Edition(s) arrival in the world, we closed The Willow House and Habitat House booking calendar in February 2021.

However, we have prepared a collection of Handpicked Accommodation recommendations and The Local's Yarra Valley Secrets experiences to help you create your own personal sojourn to this little part of the world we call home ~ the Yarra Valley.


Botanica Editions ~ Handpicked Accommodation Recommendations

The Local's Yarra Valley Secrets


Botanica Editions continues to live, work and play in the Yarra Valley as we busily create the Next Edition

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